Coalition Publishing Agenda BBB CC GH

Coalition Publishing Agenda BBB CC GH

As a person in the mission and pursuit of the greatest good, I have come back to the fundamental thing that makes our world turn.

Its not politicians, its not lobbyist, its not industries, its not even the billionaires to whom the moderate man sees as evil when no one should be casting a judgment when none of us are perfect at all; it is people whether it be for good or bad, whatever your interpretation of that be.

We are all people rooted by the efforts of two elements essential in our daily existence; good and bad.

in order to build a union in love, warmth and light in not just our sake but, those whom after us inherit the havoc we create or the heirlooms they deserve, we must maintain this pursuit of the highest good which will always show us what is truly good in heart and bad in mind.

I was told by one of my best friends and brother, “leaders cannot shape movements, it is movements that shape leaders.”

In the words of my mentor, the 3rd founding father of Cannabis and the man that has been the closest thing to a father for me, “the people united will never be divided.”

Let’s heal the world and make a better, brighter and braver place for everyone.

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