Month: August 2014

Ebola Experimental Drugs and Cannabis

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been reading about the frightening Ebola outbreak in West Africa. What caught my attention most recently is the supposed ethical controversy over administering experimental drugs to those that have contracted Ebola. In particular, some are concerned that “the experimental drug is still in an extremely early phase of development and had only…

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Cannabis Coalition Director, Craig Beresh, addresses misleading statements made by failed medical marijuana bill SB 1262 proponent .

On August 14th 2014, SB 1262, a terribly misleading bill, purporting to offer sensible regulation to California’s medical marijuana industry, but in truth would have handed the personal rights of all cannabis patients in California over to law enforcement and anti cannabis federal authorities was fought and defeated by a handful of medical cannabis activists. Sadly, upon defeat of this…

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Marijuana’s Buzzkill DNA: Biotech Researcher Finds Medical Pot Laced With Feces

Months after her biotechnology company sold for $40 million, Jessica Tonani is on Seattle’s Highway 99, where Kurt Cobain in his final days shot heroin in cheap motels. She’s scoring a gram of Blueberry Kush. Tonani doesn’t plan to smoke the pot. Her typical procedure is to isolate some of its DNA and bank it, sequence its genetic profile, and…

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