Month: November 2014

Yucca Valley Cannabis Community Fights Back-Signatures Turned in Forcing Special Election

California Cannabis Coalition directors and officers and local community leader Jason Elsasser turn in signatures to qualify for a special election. Signatures where collected in Yucca valley to open up areas for medical marijuana after Yucca Valley banned it. Signatures were gathered in record time as it appears the voters do want medical marijuana available. Craig Beresh director of California…

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Initiative in Upland in Full Gear- Stop the Ban in Upland

The California Cannabis Coalition has a great crew of activists fighting to regain legal medicinal cannabis in the city of Upland. The city recently banned all dispensaries, blocking access for patients in Upland. The California Cannabis Coalition has had many victories running citywide campaigns. The California Cannabis Coalition has taken it as a primary goal to challenge any city or county…

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How the IRS and Congress cripple the marijuana industry with an obscure, decades-old law

Perhaps the most potent sales pitch marijuana advocates have at their disposal is economics. Voting to legalize sales of marijuana, which Oregon did Tuesday night, would open up a powerful new industry, the thinking goes. And indeed, in many cases, it does. For Colorado, which along with Washington state legalized the sale of marijuana in 2012, the cash has rolled in. But…

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Time to End Prohibition in California!

Now that the elections are over, California cannabis Coalition will completing working with the initiatives in Southern California and focus all it attention on passing the Jack Herer initiative, Support the CCHI 2016 and help us end prohibition in California!