Month: January 2015

The Whole Plant and Nothing But

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts revealed today that “ground-up artemisia plants, from which the anti-malaria drug artemisinin is derived, appear to work much better than the refined drug does by itself.” (New York Times, January 27, 2015 p. D6) The whole plant was found to cure mice infected with artemisinin-resistant malaria. Indeed, in mice with “the dangerous strain, parasites…

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Top Constitutional Attorney Roger Diamond Speaks On Medical Marijuana Initiative in Upland.

California Cannabis Coalition’s attorney addresses Upland City Council. Signatures to allow medical marijuana turned in by California Cannabis Coalition and proponent Nicole Del La Rosa will require the city to either adopt the regulations or take them to the voters in a special elections. Roger Diamond, Craig Beresh, Randy Welty and Stephen Dunn address the council in this video.

CCC Turns In Enough Signatures To Force Special Election To End Marijuana Ban

Today the directors of California Cannabis Coalition and the patients of upland converged on Upland City Hall. We turned in enough signatures to force a special election. Upland City Council imposed a ban on medical marijuana about a year ago. The patients were outraged and wanted access to medicine. California Cannabis Coalition fought to end the ban. Signatures gathered by…

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Judge blocks implementation of key parts of medical marijuana law -Good for patients

HELENA — A state district judge late Friday permanently blocked enforcement of some key provisions of Montana’s strict 2011 medical marijuana regulation law in a drawn-out legal case that began shortly after its passage. District Judge James Reynolds of Helena permanently enjoined the implementation of certain provisions in the law. These have never taken effect because of his 2011 decision…

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