Month: April 2016

California Cannabis Coalition & Captain Jacks 420 Dab Redemption Party!

The California Cannabis Coalition and Captain Jacks celebrated their 4th Annual 420 party. We had nearly 1000 patients,  vendors, music from DJ ZKid, and live performances from Clouseaux and Chad Martini. Patients were served with unlimited dabs, CBD flower& edibles all day. We also had giveaways every hour. Special thanks to everyone who made this event possible!  

The Real Story Behind 420

Many think that 420 was used as police code for “marijuana smoking in progress”. That is incorrect, the use of the term 420, 4/20, or 4:20 began in the early 1970’s in the town of San Rafael, California. There was a group of 5 San Rafael high school students who called themselves the “Waldo’s”. The nickname came from their favorite…

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Cannabis may help stoners get boners!

Recent studies suggest that men suffering from hypercholesterolemia (an erectile dysfunction also know as high cholesterol) may find a solution if their “stiffie” is stoned. Per a research published in the Clinical and Developmental Immunology open access journal in conjunction with the National Institute of Health, men suffering from high cholesterol may actually look to weed for their woodies, as…

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