Month: May 2016

2016 Primary Voters Guide

Voters Guide to Drug Policy Reform Candidates JUNE 2016   Pro-reform candidates are in green; Anti-reform in red; Neutral in black. PRESIDENT – US SENATE – OTHER PRIMARY RACES – LOCAL BALLOT PROPOSITIONS PRESIDENT Once again California’s presidential primary is happening too late to greatly affect the outcome of the races. Sen. Bernie Sanders nonetheless deserves credit for being the…

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Cannabis as Treatment for Alcoholism & Addiction

Cannabis has become very popular and we can only hope that the growing awareness of its benefits lead to sensible regulations and more research into why cannabis is so helpful in treating different conditions. Although cannabis is a controversial recovery treatment there have been several studies that show that it can be an effective treatment for recovery from other substances.…

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Cannabis: Can It Really Help You Lose Weight?

Cannabis is becoming more popular and less taboo. It has become integrated with the mainstream culture and many are becoming more educated on the many benefits of cannabis. Studies have shown that cannabis not only lowers insulin resistance, but it also improves fasting insulin and facilitates metabolic function. Athletes that consume cannabis state that they have seen many benefits from…

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