About Us

California Cannabis Coalition (CCC) is the first and only cannabis organization to win a challenge against a city in the Supreme Court and in 2015, the recipient of the California Excellence award from the US Commerce and Trade Research Institute.  We are Citizens United under the cannabis movement and the CalChambers for Cannabis Business Sector.

For ten years CCC has championed equitable as well as consumer and patient focused policy and education campaigns to further the advancement of De-scheduling Cannabis Nationwide and most of all defeating the stigma around it and our communities. Since our formal establishment in 2010 the California Cannabis Coalition has successfully lobbied over 40 local and state policy measures related to the regulation of cannabis.

Meet The Team

Ryan Bacchas – President & Chairman

Starting an early career at 19 years old in 2014 to December 2015 as Manager and Lead Lobbyist for Californians for Responsible Government (501 c) in Legislative Affairs, framework building and structuring of policy for issues including, tax reduction, environmental sustainability, water, zoning and land use as well as local outreach to officials, department agencies and staff in cities such Upland, Claremont, San Bernardino, Santa Ana and Los Angeles.

Since joining the California Cannabis Coalition in 2015 as the Corporate Secretary, has successfully led nearly half of the Coalition’s victories in the institution of regulatory framework such as the Medical Marijuana Regulation & Safety Act AB 266 (Bonta), AB 243 (Wood) and SB643 (McGuire) citizens initiatives and referendums to overturn bans in local municipalities including;
Yuba County (Measure T),
Calaveras County (Measure XX),
City of Upland (Measure U),
City of San Bernardino (Measure O),
Voter Outreach Coordinator and Assistant Campaign Manager – 10,000 signatures in 30 days at a 75% validity rate,
City of Upland (Referendum – Ordinance 1910),
Organization of over 80 professional signature gatherers in 2 days to overturn the measure endorsed by then Attorney General Jeff Sessions, two weeks before the 30 deadline to perform local referendums – 5,200 Signatures in 16 days at 89% validity rate,
City of Lake Elsinore 17.156,
City of Santa Monica Ordinance 2556,
Imperial County Ordinance 1525,
Riverside County Ordinance 348.4862 (2017 -2018),
City of Moreno Valley Ordinance 933,
City of West Hollywood Ordinance 17- 1016.

From March 2016-June 2016, was recruited to Direct Democracy Unlimited, the country’s biggest petition firm, leading the groundbreaking revival of the 2016 General Ballot Election Season as the firm was two and a half months behind 2 months into largest petition season in 25 years putting the firm one month ahead of the deadline in two months.
Under his lead Mr. Bacchas helped coordinate, direct and manage signature collection, validation, batching and procurement to clients of qualifying voter signatures for all 15 Statewide General Ballot Initiatives in 2016 (7,965,736 signatures in total) for Proposition 50 (Legislator), Proposition 51 (Education), Proposition 52 (Healthcare), Proposition 53 (Elections), Proposition 54 (Accountability), Proposition 55 (Taxes), Proposition 56 (Tobacco), Proposition 57 (Trials), Proposition 58 (Education), Proposition 59 (Campaign Finance), Proposition 60 (Healthcare), Proposition 62 (Death Penalty), Proposition 63 (Firearms), Proposition 64 (Control, Regulate and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act), Proposition 65 (Environment).

In 2017 he led his Coalition in the world famous California State Supreme Court: California Cannabis Coalition v. the City of Upland with the Coalition becoming the 1st and only Cannabis Trade Organization in the nation to successfully to take a local jurisdiction up the appellate in a famed decision centered around Cannabis, Ballot Measures and Taxes as regulated under PROP 13 & 203 later that summer received a Nomination by Chair of the Committee for the State Small Business Employers Association Committee (2017).

From 2018 Mr. Bacchas has worked directly with the State of Colorado Marijuana Division and Revenue & Taxation to put together comprehensive policy for their statewide social equity program, facilitation of his Coalition’s partnership with the Bureau of Cannabis Control’s Get #WeedWise to lead responsible use of #legalcannabis in their mission to always #KeepCaliforniaCannabisClean, led the organization of over a dozen state legislative victories with 8 co led measures signed as well as the co led Lobby against AB1530, the “delivery ban” in 2019, this years Proposed Smokable Hemp Ban AB 2028 and halting the scheduled vote for the MORE Act with Sean Kieran and the Weed For Warriors Project.

Before the start of the 2020, the Mr. Bacchas hand drafted the recommendations made to Governor Newsom for the General Budget Plan of 2020 to eliminate the Mark up, Wholesale and Cannabis Business Tax as revealed in his Proposal for the General Budget on Cannabis Tax Reform, tax relief in the marketplace and to be deemed essential during the pandemic as well as hand written recommendations to inclusion of the Banning of Additives in Cannabis Vape Pens in this year’s final version of AB1639 to be reintroduced next session.

In his side time he has successfully coordinated Lobbying campaigns on behalf of clients including, pursuit of SBA’s Payment Protection Program on behalf of a FinCENN registered service provider, in the 1st month of Nation Stay at Home Orders, coordinating the support of over 3 dozen Senators, Congressional Representatives and officials for the Trump Administration, worked with the State and Local Leaders in efforts on Homelessness, Affordable Housing, Healthcare and Environmental Sustainability as well as directly worked with Public Benefit Groups such as the American Legion, Oakland Raiders Project and local Non Profits to coordinate holiday events for children, families and communities in need.

As is his role in not just being the voice for cannabis, Ryan prides himself on his self – felt obligation to be a voice for his home state, working for 8 years with local and state leaders even recently assisting the Governor’s office in creating Governor Newsom’s Disaster Response to COVID19, re enforcing the Schwarzenegger Executive Order S – 3 – 05 (California Climate Change) to conform with Eco Management & Resource Goals by the year 2035 and the signing of the 30/30 plan for Regional Sustainable Management.

Doing what no other Lobbyist has ever done, recording a perfect season with 11 out of 11 successful efforts led on the year during an unprecedented time, a global pandemic, economic crisis and election year, Mr. Bacchas’ mission is to bring love, truth and warmth back to the cannabis community and industry to redirect the course of its history in the pursuit of a better, brighter and braver cannabis community for the Global Neighborhood.

He also sits on the Board for California Minority Alliance: Inland Empire Ch., has sat on the Board for Mental Illness Supporters of America (MISOA), Co – Founded the Trojan Cannabis Network, been honored in appointment by the Chair to the Small Business Employer Association Committee board, and spoken at over two dozen of some the leading policy conferences related and unrelated to cannabis including in front of Master Graduating Students at USC in Impact of Policy and Direct Democracy to empower people from the grassroots level.

Craig Beresh – Founder & Past – President|Board Member