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Upland's Cannabis Ban

Update on Upland’s Cannabis Ban

California Cannabis Coalition has fought in many communities to fight bans on medical marijuana. We currently have ballot initiatives in several cities in California. We also assisted the Patients of Upland and Californians for Responsible Government in starting their referendum. Last Monday Oct 3 2016 these two groups took full control of the referendum and the local campaigns. We are…

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California Local Ballot Measures

  Adelanto – Measure R would impose an excise tax of up to 5% on all types of commercial marijuana activities. Avalon – Measure X would permit up to two medical marijuana dispensaries, and permit the delivery, cultivation, manufacture and processing of medical marijuana products, subject to a $10,000 annual license tax and a 12% transaction fee/tax on each individual…

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Harvard Experts Dispute Glenn Bozar Claim

“Cannabis is becoming increasingly understood that it is a very interesting and versatile medicine with much less toxicity than some of the pharmaceutical products it replaces.” Dr. Lester Grinspoon Associate Professor Emeritus Harvard Medical School Upland City Councilmember Glenn Bozar is on record describing medical marijuana as “the greatest hoax ever perpetuated”. Fortunately, Glenn is not a medical expert so…

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Councilmember Glenn Bozar thinks he knows more than your doctor!

“[Medical marijuana] is the greatest hoax ever perpetuated. I feel sorry for people reaching out for straws with cancer” -Glenn Bozar, Upland City Councilmember With all due respect to Upland Councilmember Glenn Bozar, he is spouting the same nonsense that some politicians and many in the federal government have fed us for decades. A simple Google search would show Mr.…

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Illegal dispensaries are difficult to close

“We will close one or two [dispensaries] down and one will pop up.” -Upland Police Chief Johnso Upland Police Chief Brian Johnson claims that illegal dispensaries are difficult to close. Since he became chief in 2014, Upland has seen 6 illegal dispensaries grow to the current total of 11 storefront dispensaries and a dozen or more delivery services (see…

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