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The history of the CCC has always a harmonizing force in Reform for Cannabis policy while being a source of community, collaboration and connectivity.

For those looking for genuine information and leadership from a consumer and patient perspective, looking to connect and meet professionals in the space at our Monthly Engagements, or to position itself in order to be better prepared for changes whether they be regulatory or just the general landscape with the Coalition is for you.

Our community and overall network that looks to us, in and outside of Government, such as our consumers and patients, for information and education coming from us and those within the Eco-System is vital.

Membership dues are allocated to our Impact Fund and divested towards our cost of operations, staff, state/federal lobbying, community outreach, local initiative as well as the overall protection and forward progress for which we execute on behalf of the everyone in the cannabis eco system.

Issues surrounding our community such as affordable access, tax reform, deregulation, medical research, and veterans and patient access are examples of our focus in creating a genuinely sustainable, robust, and thriving eco-system.

For Patients & Consumers

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For Business Needs

We understand the needs of new emerging businesses and their need to reach and captivate audiences to their company outside of producing and advertising Cannabis. With a social media presence of 1 Million Followers alone on Facebook and our growing data base of email subscribers we ensure our trusted members are on the forefront of the Cannabis Sector as we are. Our packages for businesses and companies of all sizes include ways for you to not only directly support the CCC as an organization but, also strengthen your reach and connectivity through our network as a community driver.

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For Corporate Needs

Groups or companies already evaluating growth and scaling opportunities within the cannabis landscape, looking to position themselves to be prepared for regulatory and economic shifts while garnering brand recognition and presence in mass reach, these incentives are what you need.

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