California Cannabis Coalition Call to Action

California Cannabis Coalition Call to Action

The outbreak that has quickly shook our country and is drastically growing by the day, has come as the highest priority for our State Leaders in office and abroad.
The State leadership has agreed they will introduce a Legislative proposal to effectively immediately Ban all flavored nicotine and cannabis products upon signature from the Governor.

The California Cannabis Coalition, is preparing a statewide action to gather stakeholders from every sector including Testing and Manufacturing, data companies and alike in order to provide substantial information to direct the narrative in best favor for all parties while keeping priority to protecting the public and our global and local community.

Industry stakeholders, time to lay down the sword against each other and come together because the village has come under fire and we must rise up to the occasion to demonstrate our desire and true intentions in creating the Better, Brighter and Braver Cannabis community and industry the State, Nation and World is looking to us to be.

3 thoughts on “California Cannabis Coalition Call to Action”

  1. Erin Hamilton says:

    Banning legal market Cannabis products will only encourage the illegal market and allow the vape issue to flourish while simultaneously crushing the businesses that have done the work to create safe products.
    Please consider alternate options and thoughtful review of what is the actual cause, and realize that thousands of people die every day from non vape tobacco related illnesses.

  2. Anonymous Concerned Vaper says:

    I am an avid vapor cartridge customer and it is 100% my responsibility as the consumer to look at what products I choose to inhale in my lungs. It is not the “flavors” of vapor cartridges that are causing lung damage – it is the use of diluents. These are chemical compounds that when combusted form dangerous breakdown products. For example: glycols and MCT oil breakdown to formaldehyde, tocopherol (aka vitamin e) acetate breaks down to hydrogen cyanide. I researched this over 5 years ago to understand why some cartridges were painful to inhale – they had thick clouds that were supposed to be appealing, when in reality, that thick cloud was damaging my lungs. Do not push to ban “flavors” as all that will do is push the best, cleanest products off the shelf that take pride in NEVER using diluents (aka cutting agents). Over 90% of “flavors” are the natural terpenes and terpenoids that we have been inhaling for decades and decades and decades. The “big cloud” is a fad of the nicotine world, not cannabis, which is why all of the cases come from nicotine e-cigs with 80%+ concentrations of diluents. Get smart and learn something about the chemical constituents of these products, rather than just ban something you know nothing about.

  3. Pattie H Cakes says:

    I vape, but only the good stuff. I use 100% cannabis oil/resin with no fillers or carrier oils. Back in the early 2010’s I was trying to stop smoking regular cigarettes and thought an e-cig would help me tapper off gradually. So for 2 years I used them. I used every brand and like flavors. The entire time I used vape pens I was smoking regular cigarettes too. 🙄
    Anyway, I started feeling lot of chest pain and breathing issues as well as getting asthma attacks occasionally. I started doing some research at that time, which would have been late 2011 or so. I found the FDA sorely lacking in their policies on vaping. I learned that vape pens use chemicals like polyethylene glycol which is critical ingredient in antifreeze. I also learned about bad quality hardware. I got sick of the hastle. But after realizing the apparent danger that NOBODY was talking about so I quit both vape & cigs cold turkey.
    After a few months I started to feel better. I no longer had asthma attacks.
    Later when v-pens came online and available in dispensaries I was leary. I started researching once again. I only tried v-pens here and there with friends or at a sesh. They often made me cough. As I started asking direct questions to manufacturers, I learned they use substances like coconut oil and vitamin E oil (tocopherol). These both sound safe on the surface, but I learned of their risks as I continued to research. For example, coconut oil is a wonderful medium chain triglyceride. It is perfectly formulated to be digested or applied to the skin. However, when this oil is vaporized it produces a compound that cannot be expelled by your lungs. Over time it builds up and I’m sure we will hear about health problems resulting from that.
    Additionally, tocopherol when heated turns into actual carcinogens. So manufacturers haven’t done their due diligence it producing safe products. Additionally, some produce vape pens using additional plant terpenes. Cutting with terpenes can be tricky. Some in high doses can definitely be fatal. Limonine comes to mind. This terpene will lift your mood if it’s the same ratio as it occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. However, if someone ignorantly adds limonine as a way to “thin” the hash oil they risk causing serious damage to fragile lung tissue. Industrial limonene is used as a degreaser and is akin to terpene. Imagine vaping terpene.
    Brands like Pax, Stiizy and Purblendscience strive to deliver the highest quality vape experience with the safety the public requires. However, there is an influx of counterfeit products on the market. I’m happy the CDPH Assembly Bill (AB) 1529 signed into law and modifies the labeling requirements for cannabis vaping products. I hope the cannabis industry can find leaders who demonstrate best practices in keeping the public safe while producing cannabis medicine.

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