Coalition Analysis – The Taxes

Coalition Analysis - The Taxes

In the past three years since legalization in California, there have been many pitfalls for the community and industry attributed to compounding causes such as high regulatory barrier to entry, cost of compliance, local “control,” licensing fees, competing with the illicit market and the most notable reason, the taxes.
Currently a rough eighty percent (80%) of purchases are made on the illicit market and the most common reason for this cited by patrons and patients themselves are the taxes make it simply unaffordable and cost – prohibitive to buy a licensed product; who can blame them when a product from before Proposition 64 was twenty – eight dollars ($28) is now thirty – nine dollars and twenty cents to forty – nine dollars and eighty – four ($39.20 – $49.84) at checkout without the local or sales tax.
With numerous attempts made to lower the excise tax, it has become clear that the problem is deeper than what has been considered to be the primary target for which the Coalition with industry weigh in from Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers, including some of our members, Pacific Expeditors, ROVE Brand, Friendly Farms, Greeneyes Farms and Amalgamated Growers Inc to dive into the roots of the issue to bring this up once the Legislative Session resumes.
In light of the recent layoffs, loss of sales in the legal market and now the C.D.T.F.A increasing the Mark Up Tax on New Year’s, this is make it or break it and, for the supply chain itself a matter of existence as well as the customers and patients themselves which due to this recent epidemic due to tainted products on the illicit market, is even more reason to uphold that obligation to give them that option of a legal market that is not excessively taxed and out of sensible affordability.
As we have concurred in prior reports it does take a village and in the words of our Founder “the People United will Never be Divided,” therefore in stimulation of thoughts provoked by the problem be determined to find with other solutions.

2 thoughts on “Coalition Analysis – The Taxes”

  1. Kenneth Hert says:

    Let’s say you can purchase 1oz. of
    Blue Dream for 200.00…tack on 10% for a tax….220.00 for Blue Dream….by everyone making that oz for 220 or even 330….the demand will be so “high”
    (couldn’t resist) everyone would get rich on VOLUME alone….stoners are thinkers too

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