Coalition Study and Report – Vaping Epidemic Where do we go From Here

Coalition Study and Report - Vaping Epidemic Where do we go From Here

To date California has been the number one supplier of cannabis in the U.S since the early 1980s and is not going to change anytime soon without looking deeper into the problem of this vaping situation and addressing it from the global leadership here in California.

In addition to attacking problems that have persisted in the activities and even the staunch presence of the illicit market, we have to address it directly from the top five as identified while simultaneously tackling the others.

Through these past three months of covering this issue and those that also intersect it, we come to these conclusions in a realization and clarity that if we do not choose to go this route now in the means of protecting the greatest good of all most importantly the public, we will surely only see more problems arise surely bearing the graver consequences.

This is why we state now, this is not an industry issue; this is a Public Health and Safety issue.

Far past the generalist view and objective standpoint, there is a great amount of emotion and passion behind the direction we are purposing to solve this issue as human life has an unmaterial value and in our analysis and concurrence, seeing hearing the first – hand accounts of families to those stricken with illness and past away more saddening the words of young children, hospitalized giving their words of experience to pass on.

To put this situation in perspective, we ask the industry to stand behind a solution such as what we propose as not a means to the “lesser of all evils” to be chosen from but, the sincerity that comes from realizing this is the right thing to do, to show we as an industry and community we want better and are willing to be the solution to address the problem even if it means sacrificing.

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  1. M. Green says:

    What is the solution you tout in your article? You say absolutely nothing in this piece. WE need information now more than ever in this industry and not only did you waste my time with this fluff piece of nothingness, you posed an idea that you never followed through on. And you call yourself a writer?

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