Illegal dispensaries are difficult to close

“We will close one or two [dispensaries] down and one will pop up.”
-Upland Police Chief Johnso


Upland Police Chief Brian Johnson claims that illegal dispensaries are difficult to close. Since he became chief in 2014, Upland has seen 6 illegal dispensaries grow to the current total of 11 storefront dispensaries and a dozen or more delivery services (see Despite claims that Police Chief Johnson’s team has closed 24 illegal dispensaries since 2014, the problem is growing, not shrinking.

Johnson continues: “The will of the people is that we have a total ban on medical marijuana dispensaries and so we are going to continue on that approach: administrative, civil and criminal fines.”  This is the will of Upland’s City Council, not the will of the people.  The people demand rational and EFFECTIVE government, not an ineffective ban that permits nearly two dozen illegal marijuana businesses to operate across Upland without regulation and without paying taxes.

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