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The outbreak that has quickly shook our country and is drastically growing by the day, has come as the highest priority for our State Leaders in office and abroad.
The State leadership has agreed they will introduce a Legislative proposal to effectively immediately Ban all flavored nicotine and cannabis products upon signature from the Governor.
The California Cannabis Coalition, is preparing a statewide action to gather stakeholders from every sector including Testing and Manufacturing, data companies and alike in order to provide substantial information to direct the narrative in best favor for all parties while keeping priority to protecting the public and our global and local community.
Industry stakeholders, time to lay down the sword against each other and come together because the village has come under fire and we must rise up to the occasion to demonstrate our desire and true intentions in creating the Better, Brighter and Braver Cannabis community, Global Neighbor and industry the State, Nation and World is looking to us to be.


Friday night in interviews with POLITICO, Assemblymember Jim Wood, Democrat representing Santa Rosa stated he and colleagues will seek to address this issue as quickly as possible which will result in them crafting a Bill to end the sales of all flavored nicotine and cannabis vaping products.
As Chairman for the Assembly Committee on Health, Member Wood’s approach is to go take a thorough and “targeted approach” which would only be directed at flavored products which by Federal Authorities, the CDC and FDA are enticing and misleading to minors.
It is clear there have been contention on this issue in regards to nicotine and now as the outbreak of illnesses associated have come to the forefront of the Globes intention, this time will surely not be like the last as they have already jumped on the issue with full – force and urgency.
C.C.C Public Analysis and Synopsis on the State Assembly Joint Information Hearing Oct. 16th.


The California Cannabis Coalition is proud to have become an Official Partner with the Bureau of Cannabis Control‘s #Weedwise campaign!
Go to www.CApotcheck.com to make sure #yourgreenisclean and coming from a licensed retailer and what it means to participate in the Legal Cannabis Industry!


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