Upland's Cannabis Ban

Update on Upland’s Cannabis Ban

Unconstitutional California Medical Marijuana Regulation

California Cannabis Coalition has fought in many communities to fight bans on medical marijuana. We currently have ballot initiatives in several cities in California. We also assisted the Patients of Upland and Californians for Responsible Government in starting their referendum. Last Monday Oct 3 2016 these two groups took full control of the referendum and the local campaigns. We are very proud that these local community groups are now able to handle their local affairs. While we have not been involved in the signature gathering process on the referendum, we do think it is important that the current voters in Upland support the referendum and measure U in Upland. There has been vote in a ban on Marijuana in Upland and the referendum process is the only option Upland residents have to stop this from happening. If the referendum fails for any reason, then the only thing that will allow marijuana in Upland will be the Measure U.  So it is important that the community of Upland continue to support both Measure U and the referendum to end the ban placed on marijuana in Upland. It’s about patients not money. Fighting for fair regulations is your right! We thank the patients of Upland for their support. At this time California Cannabis Coalition will devote all it resources to fighting Prop 64 as we see this taking rights we currently have away. Prop 64 if it wins it will take Prop 215 off the books and replace it with highly restrictive laws and taking the rights Californians voted in with prop 215 away.